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Sports Cars at Lakeside Amusement Park, in Denver, Colorado

Please note that this calendar is a general guide for Lakeside Amusement Park's 2019 summer operating hours. Hours and days of operation may change based upon the weather, private groups and attendance. Lakeside does NOT have a set closing time. However, the admission gates often close around 8-9 pm, with the remainder of the park closing 1-2 hours later.     

Kiddies' Playland generally closes 9-10 pm

Please call 303-477-1621 to verify operating hours and devices. 

There is NO guarantee that any particular ride, game or food stand will be open during Lakeside's operating hours. 

ONLY Small Rides in Kiddies' Playland (mainly for preschool age children) are open during most weekday afternoons. NO Adult Rides are Open during these weekday afternoons.